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Avda. Gregorio Peces-Barba, 1, Vivero de Empresas del Parque Científico de la Universidad Carlos III de, Madrid, Edif. Parque Científico de la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, 28919 Leganés, Madrid


Our firefighting drones are highly efficient due to the incorporation of nebulization technology. This technology assists in cooling the drone by mist evaporation, radiation blockage and oxygen removal. Our drones have the ability to distinguishing fires by combining these three factors. The drones can direct a flow of nebulized water and high speed air to the site of fire, which makes them more efficient in comparison to other fire extinction methods. They are equipped with thermographic cameras and navigation systems that allow for night operations. This system sends real time data from the site of the fire, providing continuous information on critical aspects such as terrain conditions, localization, atmospheric conditions and fire intensity. The collected data can be utilized for real time decision making, facilitating the coordination of emergency teams in the zone, evacuation procedures and other required actions.


The Urban Hopper can be used for high-rise buildings and homes.  It can be loaded with 150 liters of water or fire retardant, covering an area of 300 meters squared.



The Wild Hopper is suitable for wildfires. It can be loaded with 600 liters of water or fire retardant, covering up to 1000 meters squared of area.